Belgian broadcasters pave the way with innovative TV experience: Stievie

Belgian broadcasters pave the way with innovative TV experience: Stievie

Today holds the public release of Stievie – a new mobile TV service with the complete Flemish television offering, live and catch up for a week, on tablet and smartphone. Stievie originates from a joined initiative by both public and private broadcasters in order to establish an innovative television experience for Flemish viewers. And not without results. Powered by Vinson’s award-winning mobile TV solution, Stievie has held a successful trial with 10,000 users that is now followed by a full-blown service with apps for iOS and Android.

The Belgian broadcasters take the lead as they have combined their content offering into a mobile television experience that resonates with modern viewers’ needs. The Stievie apps developed by Vinson provide anytime and anywhere access to ten Flemish TV channels, live and catch-up TV until seven days after its original broadcast. Moreover, the app engages the viewers’ social environment through features that introduce new ways to discover, discuss and share content with friends. From a Twitter overlay to a scene gallery to share favorite moments on Facebook, the deep social integration makes watching TV more personal.

Swipe TV

Characteristic for Stievie and Vinson’s overall design is the intuitive and playful app interface, which is completely focused on swiping gestures. The resulting usability stood out in the user feedback from the trial, and has led to the introduction of the Stievie service as ‘Swipe TV’.

Stephan Desmit, Team lead at Stievie: “Many companies can develop mobile video apps, but only a few companies in the world can deliver the experience that Stievie is. So we are delighted to partner with Vinson, and we look forward to innovate and grow together in this exciting new world of TV viewing”.



Stievie is powered by Vinson's mobile TV solution that covers every aspect aside the content itself, from the app's design to the cloud-hosted backend. Stievie is available for tablets and smartphones running iOS or Android, and can easily be connected to TV screens using Airplay, HDMI and soon Chromecast. 

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