Belgian mobile TV application Stievie soon available for everyone

Belgian mobile TV application Stievie soon available for everyone

Belgian broadcasters VRT, VMMa and SBS Belgium today announced that their joint mobile TV application Stievie will be made available to all Belgians by this year. Stievie was launched as a large-scale pilot late February and 98 percent of the people who tested the app is enthusiastic. The findings also reveal that the Flemish testers consider Stievie a modern way of watching television and especially appreciate the usability of the platform that is powered by Vinson.

Vinson has been working with the broadcasters to provide an innovative mobile platform for their joint offering of ten high quality Flemish television channels. Stievie was launched late February and out of more than 70,000 people that signed up for the test, 10,000 were selected to use the application during four months. All users were questioned extensively about their experiences and needs. 

Test results

The results of the large-scale pilot were published today. As many as 98 percent of people who tested Stievie, is enthusiastic. The service is mostly appreciated for its usability and users perceive the app as intuitive, logical and fast. More than half of the testers indicated to watch more television than before, with a remarkable increase for news programs. Eight out of ten users perceive Stievie as a new way of watching TV. Two out of three users even consider Stievie to be the future of television.
A comprehensive overview of the test results is available on the Stievie website.

Available to all Flemings

With the innovation and testing that have proven te be successful, the Stievie app will become available as a paid service later this year. VMMa has decided to take on the project and will therefore set up a separate subsidiary Stievie NV., which is fully owned by the VMMa. The possibility exists that other broadcasters will join the project at a later stage. As in the test phase, all channels and programs of the three broadcasters VRT, VMMa and SBS will be available in Stievie to watch live and on-demand, powered by Vinson.