Stats and evolution of Stievie mobile TV

Stats and evolution of Stievie mobile TV

Three months after the mobile TV service was officially launched in Belgium, Stievie has published its first results and findings along with the announcement of an app update later in April. This next version comes with a refreshed interface design and brand new features, including offline TV!

The following stats and figures were published by Stievie and provide insight into how the app is used by its 20,000 frequent users that enjoy the television offering of the joint Belgian broadcasters on their smartphone or tablet.

Stats and figures

  • Stievie has 10,000 paid subscribers and 5,000 trial users
  • Stievie has more than 20,000 frequent users (subscriptions are shared and used on multiple devices)
  • 83% uses Stievie on tablet, 17% on smartphone
  • 64% of Stievie users watches every day
  • The average viewing time is 59 minutes
  • 24% of TV is watched live compared to 76% catch-up TV
  • 48% of catch-up TV is watched in the same day of broadcast

The Stievie app keeps evolving. Later in April, the app will receive an update to introduce the new look and feel with an interface redesign that is optimized for iOS7. Moreover, the app gains new social features and an offline mode.

Watch TV offline

Vinson developed a brand new recording feature that enables users to watch their favorite shows and series without an internet connection. Simply select the program from the TV guide and the content will be recorded - stored on the device itself. The app presents all recordings in a personal and clear overview, ready to watch with or without internet connection. Thus enabling a true TV everywhere experience.

Stievie is the first to add the offline mode to its mobile TV service. The iOS app will be updated later in April, with Android to follow shortly after. Meanwhile, the Stievie app for Android will receive an incremental update to add search, reminders, the share feature and improve the swiping experience. More information about Stievie is available at

Photo: Stievie